Camp Hope celebrates one month indoors

Camp Hope celebrates one month indoors

YAKIMA, Wash. - Camp Hope moved indoors on November 15 to a shelter on Englewood Ave.

They welcomed those from the outdoor tent shelter, those on the street and even families looking for a place to stay.

Executive Director of Transform Yakima Together Andy Ferguson said when the shelter opened, he wasn't expecting families to move in because they still had remodeling to do.

His plan was to move families in December, but Ferguson said a few showed up and he couldn't turn them away.

"Finishing the family area is a top priority so that families that are here have more resources available, better resources and things like that," he said. "So that's really our number one priority."

He said by the first weekend of opening, there were eight mothers with their children and the shelter hit capacity.

Ferguson said those who've had to spend nights without a roof overhead are very grateful for a space to stay warm.

"Seeing the facility actually being used by 90 or so people everyday and especially mothers with children," he said. "You know it just feels really good to provide something of value to the community."

Dawn Campbell lives in the indoor shelter with her husband. At the outdoor facility, they were not allowed to stay together but now they have their own room.

"It's just been so much more peaceful and relaxing," Campbell said. "Getting used to each other again though a little bit over."

Campbell said she is grateful for the people at Camp Hope for helping her get back on her feet and she and her husband are moving out in two weeks.

"Camp Hope gave me hope o being bale to start all over and having you know, a normal life," she said.

Also, nearby businesses said they've had problems this past month. However, they said they're afraid if they speak out they'll face retaliation.

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