Businesses say Small Business Saturday is also about giving back to the community

Businesses say Small Business Saturday is also about giving back to the community

YAKIMA, Wash.- This is the 8th annual “Small Business Saturday” where folks are encouraged to shop small and local at their favorite places each year, a nationwide movement that continues to grow. This is the time of the year where they hold their own version of Black Friday, that some businesses don’t participate in.

“We don’t really do ‘Black Friday’ just because we don’t have anything that compels people to stand out in the sidewalk for hours, the difference is that we put most of our eggs in this small business basket, ‘Small Business Saturday’ has a lot of wonderful marketing strategies that are done to bring awareness to the small businesses that make the community interesting," said Inklings store owner Susan Richmond.

Not only does it keep the community interesting, but some small business in Yakima also give back to the community.

“Because we take the money that is generated here, we put it back into the community, we give discounts to the schools, all the books that schools order are discounted, the money stays locally, we give donations to the nonprofit”, she said.

Another local store that helps the community is Lady Godiva’s shop assistant LeeAnna Mulhair says they have their items on the floor for only 75 days and if they are not sold in that time frame, they return them to the consignments, she says many of the times they don’t want their items back so they donate the clothes to women at the YWCA of Yakima. She says the support of locals is what helps small businesses strive.

“It’s so important we are not like one of the box stores we do, we need our community to come in any small business in Yakima, and we just don’t have the advertising like the big corporations so it’s really important to have the support of your community”, LeeAnn says.

Based on data from the office of Advocacy’s Small Business Profiles, a small business is defined as a place that employees fewer that 500. Latest Data shows that in 574,455 small businesses are in operation across the state, those make up 99.50 % of all businesses in Washington.

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