Children's Village Celebrates People With Down Syndrome

Children's Village Celebrates People With Down Syndrome

YAKIMA, Wash.- Family and friends from all over the valley came together to celebrate people with down syndrome. Children's Village in Yakima has been providing health care, dental care, and behavioral assistance for special needs people since 1997.

Today they celebrated their 20th anniversary of the building opening by hosting a day of events to honor people with special needs.

"As you get to know people with down syndrome you'll see that they're very typical people. They're very funny, they're very warm and wonderful. It's just nice that we can spread that word and get everyone else connected," said by Melia Younker who is the parent of her daughter Peach.

Their goal is to provide care for special needs kids here in the valley rather than families traveling hundreds of miles for special needs assistance. so far nearly 5,000 families have come to children's village for their services.

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