Boy adopted from Haiti 17 years ago now graduating

Boy adopted from Haiti 17 years ago now graduating

YAKIMA, Wash.- The little boy Action News covered 17 years ago, isn’t so little anymore.

In fact, he’s towering over everyone now, and his mom Kimberly Cook still can’t believe it.

“Isn't that the truth... and I'm wearing heels," said Cook.

She and her husband Jeff Cook adopted Moise when we was 15 months old from Haiti. KIMA covered their return back in 2001, and Cook says it was a tough journey to get him.

"There are so many children that need homes, and It's just ironic that there's such a stipulation for so many families. It just seemed like every road was being cut off, and then we heard about Hattie.

That's when the Cooks discovered Moise at an orphanage in Hattie.

"They wanted to know if we wanted him, and of course we wanted him," said Cook.

Within those eight months, he had his forever home in Yakima. A huge moment Moise says changed his life.

"I'm so grateful for all the opportunities and just where I am now. Just the fact that they chose to adopt me and then welcomed me in here, all the things we get to do and all the memories is something that's going to stick forever," said Cook.

Now Moise's journey continues at Lynn University where he will be running track and cross country. Most of all, he will be pursuing his dream career of becoming a pilot.

Kimberly says as much heartache and stress it was getting Moise, she would do it all over again.

"It's not easy but everything in life that's worth something takes time and effort and energy, but the process is so worth it," said Cook.

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