Boeing hires students straight from West Valley High School

Boeing hires students straight from West Valley High School

YAKIMA, Wash.--West Valley High School is no stranger to innovation. They offer students a rare curriculum that's aligned with Boeing, which trains them to become industrial maintenance techs and machinists.

“Boeing has put a lot of time and effort into creating this curriculum that's called Core Plus, and Core Plus is really teaching the students about advanced manufacturing techniques, where they get to read blueprints, they learn about assembly, and they learn about all these different parts and crucial job skills that advanced manufacturers want to see entry level employees have,” said Bri Durham, Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee Director of Special Programs.

WVHS is prepping kids early with their unique apprenticeship program. This program is so successful, Boeing is hiring them right after graduation.

“This program has given me lots of opportunities and it keeps on giving to me,” said WVHS student Trevor Mackey.

Students get 2000 hours of paid on-the-job training at local companies, like Cubcrafters. They also get college credits, and core academic high school credits. By graduation, they're marketable to big name companies.

“Right now, students from West Valley apply for jobs at Boeing, and when they fill out the education field, one of the key indicators is ‘West Valley.’ And if you type in ‘West Valley,’ it moves you to the next phase,” said WVHS Career and Technical Education Director Chris Nesmith.

To learn more about the Boeing curriculum that is exclusive to the state, you can visit

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