'Candy Crooks' smash into Toppenish convenience store

    photo from toppenish police

    TOPPENISH, Wash. - A couple smash-and-grab thieves shattered the front door of a Toppenish convenience store and snatched a bunch of snacks, and police want your help nabbing one of them.

    Wednesday morning police got the alert of an alarm going off at Mercado Guadalajara.

    When officer arrived they saw the door had been smashed open.

    They also saw a man running behind the store carrying a hand basket.

    In reference to the man fleeing with the grocery basket, Toppenish police said in a Facebook post, "In policing, we call this a clue...sort of like Blue's Clues."

    Police arrested that man and identified him as 20-year-old Darnell Sampson from Wapato.

    It seems the thieves were mostly stealing snacks. Officers recovered cans of Corona, Monster, bags of Doritos, Cheetos, and lots of candy.

    Officials are still looking for the other suspect so if you have any information please contact the Toppenish Police Department 509-865-4355 or Yakama Nation Police Department 509-865-2933.

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