Black Rock Center in Selah wins $10,000 from the city's Business Facade Improvement Grant

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SELAH Wash. -- A CrossFit gym in Selah wins $10,000 from the city’s Business Façade Improvement Gant.

David Gordon and his wife Lisa Gordon are the owners of Black Rock Center in Selah which currently houses a CrossFit gym and a maker space.

Gordon says they first started the CrossFit gym in 2012 and now help train people to get fit and offer a variety of classes for people of all ages.

But Gordon says he wants to expand and work more with the community which is why they have added a maker space to the building where people can share entrepreneurial ideas, workspace and equipment.

“Ultimately we want this space to help facilitate other people’s dreams to become something in our community. We want to see our businesses thrive but not only ours but others,” said Gordon.

Gordon and his wife have now become the winners of $10,000 from Selah’s Downtown Association Business Façade Improvement Grant Program which they say will help them attract more people to their business.

“I think the impact it going to make is that people will actually realize we’re here. Currently because of the building being here as long as it has been and the look that it has had for so many years people generally just drive on by, and so once we’re able to put that façade money into place we’ll be able to be recognized," said Gordon.

Gordon says they will use the money to paint the exterior of the building, upgrade the doors and outdoor electrical work and add new signage to the building.

Vice President for SDA Tiffany Hein says this is the second year that the downtown association has had the funding available for this program.

She says they started the Business Façade Improvement Program to revitalize the downtown area and work together with businesses in the city.

“We’re hoping that it spurs on ideas and interest with other business owners seeing that this can attract income and people to our city so that we hope to increase that,” said Hein.

Hein says they chose Black Rock Center as the winners this year because they have the most improvements to make and will have the biggest impact in the city.

Gordon says he is thankful for this grant because it will help them improve their business and open up the maker space to the public soon.

Any business in Selah interested to get more information on the Business Façade Improvement Grant may click here.

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