Ban is lifted, but no Yakima pit bull adoptions, yet

Ban is lifted, but no pit bull adoptions, yet

YAKIMA, Wash. -- With the amount of visible public support to lift Yakima’s pit bull ban, it may come as surprise that as of Monday, no one has come to the Yakima Humane Society to adopt one.

But, Executive Director Charles Stanton says he’s not surprised.

Right now, he says getting rid of the pit bull ban is more so for the owners who already have them.

"We’ve always had pit bulls in the city. They’ve been here, people have just been sort of hiding them because they wanted to have the animals that they love. Now it just allows those individuals to have their pets, and not have to worry about keeping them secret," said Stanton.

The Humane Society tells Action News someone has put a pit bull on hold, but nothing is concrete.

"We’ve had a few people reach out, saying they’ve always wanted to have a pit bull, and they’d love to adopt one, but it certainly hasn’t been anything out of the ordinary," said Stanton.

Jaune Sonnier owns two pit bulls. She relocated from Yakima to Union Gap, away from her wife, when the ban was still in place.

She says now that the ban is no more, she can reunite her family.

And she already has plans for her dogs.

"I have a plan to walk them starting up in the Union Gap Greenway, all the way to the Greenway in Yakima, kinda making that a day thing, just so that I can get their exposure and get people to see that there are responsible owners," said Sonnier.

She says she’s relieved she can bring her pets into the city without having to ask permission for things like vet appointments, but some locals aren’t on board with the lifting of the ban.

One man tells me he was attacked by a dog of unknown breed yesterday, and he doesn’t believe pit bulls should be allowed back in the city.

But, Sonnier wants pit bull owners to show the community that dogs like hers deserve a second chance.

"We have the opportunity to get people to understand that not every single pit bull is like the ones that created the incident. Horrific as it is, that’s just not every single one of them, and now we have time," she said.

Regardless of breed, all dogs need to be registered and licensed with the city, and kept on a leash when in public.

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