Local authorities enforcing 'Move Over' law

Authorities Enforcing 'Move Over' Law

YAKIMA, Wash.- Authorities are cracking down on the 'Move Over' law to help with safety for officers and drivers on the road. When drivers see emergency lights they are required to pull over to another lane and stop. Yakima Police say they still see many locals not following this law.

"Even if you're traveling in the opposite direction you do need to stop because you don't know where that emergency vehicle may be turning, and it could be left in front of you," said Sargent Jim Moore, Yakima Police Traffic Division.

Last year Washington State Troopers say they stopped about 4,200 drivers for not pulling over. Moore says often times, they don't pull over many drivers that do break this law.

"A lot of times we can't stop and educate or take enforcement actions against that driver because we have the pressing emergency that we still have to take care of," said Moore.

Moore says the community can help by minimizing distractions and being alert while on the road.

"If you have really loud music going and your windows are all the way up, and you can't hear sirens within a block or two from you, you're probably going to want to adjust what you are doing to make sure you're a safer driver," said Moore.

A driver who fails to yield for an emergency vehicle, could pay a ticket of up to $1,062.

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