All expecting mothers invited to free baby shower

All expecting mothers invited to free baby shower

SUNNYSIDE, WA. -- Expecting mothers are being offered a free baby shower by the Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic.

This is the first year the clinic is partnering with Astria Sunnyside Hospital to offer moms in the Sunnyside area the baby shower.

Community Relations Coordinator Jessica Johnson says the baby shower is open to moms at least 28 weeks pregnant who will enjoy food, games, gifts, resources and much more.

“So we can share resources with them and have a good time, provide an opportunity for them to meet other moms that are having babies around the same time as them and create a community," said Johnson.

The baby shower will take place on Thursday at Astria Sunnyside Hospital from nine to 11 in the morning.

Spanish speaking moms will be offered the baby shower the same day from 12:30 to 3 in the afternoon.

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