Grant will help fund 15 after-school programs for at-risk kids

After school grant will help fund 15 after-school programs for at-risk kids

TOPPENISH, Wash.-- Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic was recently awarded $2.5 million from the Department of Education, and their plan is to help fund after-school programs in the lower valley.

“It will provide help with academics, homework, tutoring. We'll also provide hands-on learning that they don't get during the school day. They don't have those opportunities, and we'll also provide social trips for them to go on and educational trips for them to take,” said Beth Monfils, Program Coordinator for Northwest Community Action Center.

The money will go toward opening three additional learning centers at elementary schools in Grandview and Toppenish. It will also continue to help fund the 21st Century After School program at Safe Haven Community Center in Toppenish. Places like these provide kids with a safe place to go to after school.

“It allows us to interact with the kids, provide a program where we actually have the ability to teach them things such as science and engineering. We work on art with them. Do some outdoors activities and gaming with them; some nutrition classes with them - provide a computer lab, which is available for them for school work or exploring,” said Salvador Cobar, Program Coordinator for Safe Haven.

Everyday, about 20 at-risk kids walk through Safe Haven’s doors, to a place where they can safely do their homework or other activities.

“Kids nowadays don't have a lot of places to go after school and this gives them a safe environment to come to after school, knowing that they'll still be among their friends, being able to interact, learning things," said Cobar.

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic currently has 15 after-school sites in the lower Yakima Valley. They serve more than 1500 students each year, and this grant will help them continue to do so.

Safe Haven’s registration is still open. If you’re interested in registering your child, you can reach out to them at (509) 865-1804.

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