Aerospace engineering is on the rise in Yakima with several job openings

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YAKIMA, Wash. -- For Yakima, the future of the economy could lie in the skies with the industry of aerospace engineering on a rise.

Several aerospace companies in Yakima such as Cub Crafters, Triumph Actuation Systems and Pexco Aerospace Incorporated are growing with a high demand in jobs.

According to Cub Crafters Director of Marketing John Whitish, their company was founded in 1980 with five employees, now they have around 170, and they keep expanding.

Aerospace Machining Instructor for YVC Donald Roeber says Yakima is attracting these businesses because we have the space to build these companies and people ready to do the jobs.

"When you go to Seattle, you don't have any room to put in a facility so you have to find a place where you can actually put it. We've seen companies come in because they've had the land available and a workforce that can be trained or was already trained,” said Roeber.

Yakima Valley College offers a two-year aerospace machining technology program that prepares students for entry-level positions in the manufacturing industry.

Student Nathan Arrigoni says he has a degree in business management but is now trying to earn a degree in aerospace machining technology because of the stability this field can provide.

"I've been going to school for twelve years and this seems to be the most beneficial schooling that I've received,” said Arrigoni.

Roeber says, around 80 percent of his students are offered jobs even before they finish the program.

He says a machinist can expect to make around $30,000 annually entry – level, and the pay can range up to $60,000 annually depending on experience.

Roeber says, many baby boomers in this industry are retiring right now so we can expect thousands of job openings in the years to come.

"The demand is growing incredibly, everybody is looking for CNC Machinists or somebody to work in that industry,” said Roeber.

If you want to get more information on the aerospace program Yakima Valley College is offering click here.

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