Actor from Yakima hits big screen in 'Neither Wolf nor Dog'

Actor from Yakima hits big screen in 'Neither Wolf nor Dog'. (Photo courtesy of Inyo Entertainment)

YAKIMA, Wash.- It may not be the biggest movie at the theater, but it may hit closer to home for people in Yakima.

"Neither Wolf nor Dog" is currently at the Yakima Theater and stars actor Christopher Sweeney, who was born in Toppenish and raised in Yakima.

He left Yakima around 30 years ago to join the military, but he said people all over the valley have been reaching out to him since it was announced.

“I've been having people that I honestly have not seen/talked to in 25/30 years,” he said. “I've got a reunion coming up this year so it'll be interesting to see what the landings like in Yakima."

The movie is about a white writer that visits the native Lakota people in South Dakota to help them write a book.

Sweeney plays the writer and said, besides himself and a few extras, it's an all native cast.

He said many people in Yakima can relate to the movie, because we all live so close to the Yakama Nation reservation.

“This really is an opportunity for people to drop their guard and set aside any preconceived notions either white man to native, or native to white man,” Sweeney said.

He said it only cost around $40,000 to make.

"Neither Wolf nor Dog" is considered an indie movie and general manager Jeff Clemmons said the Yakima Theater has always had smaller movies since it was opened in 1993.

“Even a lot of the academy award winning films now a day are limited release films and so it's our chance to bring more opportunity for everybody of Yakima,” he said.

While bigger movie titles may rule the box office this weekend, Clemmons said this movie is doing well so far in terms of sales.

He said having an actor from Yakima has helped it sell a bit better than other indie movies they have shown.

“They go a little slower, but this one with the local connection it's been real good. Bigger than normal for those kinds of films,” Clemmons said.

The movie premiered a year ago and ran at the tribal cinema in Toppenish, but is only scheduled to be in Yakima for about a week.

While the movie is set for a limited release, Clemmons said it's time may be extended depending on the demand to see it.

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