A young man has been missing for almost three weeks and no one knows anything about him

A young man has been missing for almost three weeks and no one knows anything about him

TOPPENISH Wash. -- Toppenish Police is asking for assistance in locating a young man who disappeared almost three weeks ago, near Wierman Road in Toppenish.

Alejandro Aguilera Suarez was last seen on September 30th and till this day no one has any information about him.

“Where could he possibly be? What happened to him? Where is he? He would never go away from home. Is he hiding is he scared?" said Suarez's sister Araceli Suarez.

Those are many of the questions Suarez’s family ask themselves every day since his disappearance.

Araceli says they realized something was wrong when they didn’t hear from him for several days, and they got a letter from a towing truck company saying they found Suarez’s car near Wierman Road.

“They found it with the doors wide open, the keys in the ignition, the battery the stereo and I believe the speakers were all stolen," said Araceli.

Araceli says her brother’s girlfriend explained to her that the last night she saw him they were hanging out with a couple of friends near Wierman Road by the Yakima River late at night.

She says Suarez and the girlfriend got into a fight and Suarez got so aggressive that the girlfriend and friends left Suarez alone. That’s the last they heard from him.

The Toppenish Police Department is looking for Suarez but they need your help.

Toppenish Police say Suarez is a 20-year-old Hispanic male. He is approximately 5'9 with a slim build. He has brown eyes, brown hair and two piercings, one in each ear.

Suarez’s mother says she really hopes people can give any information they know about her son because she can’t stand the pain of not knowing where her son is.

“I’m a mother that’s desperate and I want to know about my son whether he is dead or alive because I don’t know what to do. Please help me. I just ask for people to help me," said Suarez's mother Rosa Suarez.

If anyone has any information that could help Alejandro Aguilera Suarez reunite with his family, they should call the Toppenish Police Department.

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