Yakima woman making dozens of beanies to help homeless stay warm this winter

Yakima woman making dozens of beanies to help homeless stay warm this winter

YAKIMA, Wa. -- The holidays are coming up and people are already doing good deeds for the community.

Kathie Miller started crocheting when she was nine years old and still does it as a hobby today.

Miller says, last year while she was crocheting a hat for her husband an idea came to her.

“As I got to make him the hats, I started liking it and I thought okay now how can I make a bunch of these and who would they be for and then the homeless camp came to mind," said Miller.

She started making the beanies in December of last year with her friend Maggie Morales and it took them almost an entire year to finish dozens of them.

She says she was able to get the word out about the beanies with the help of her church.

Now she has been to Camp Hope and other locations distributing them to any homeless who might need them.

“When I was downtown yesterday driving down there I was looking around and I saw a couple two or three people with these hats on and it was fantastic like oh look there’s one of my hats," said Miller.

Miller’s brother Thomas Edward Pierre says she has always been the kind of person who looks out for others.

“She’s very giving, loving, caring yeah she got a heart of gold so she takes after her grandma," said Pierre.

Miller says this is just the beginning and plans on making more hats, beanies and scarfs these coming months.

“I think it might not be the warmth of a hat or the season coming up, to them it might just be somebody gave them something, somebody cared enough to give them something," said Miller.

Miller says she would appreciate any yarn or monetary donations from the community to keep making the hats for the homeless. You can email her at or call her at (509) 853 - 8647.

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