A quarter of Yakima's pools were listed unsanitary last summer

A quarter of Yakima's pools were listed unsanitary last summer

YAKIMA, Wash.- Nearly a quarter of Yakima's pools didn't meet state health codes last summer according to the Yakima County Health District.

During the summer time, there's a higher chance of diseases forming in pools because more people are swimming.

Nearly 6,000 people will be taking a dip in the Franklin Pool each week. Franklin Pool is not on that list, and it's opening up for the summer Thursday.

For those of you worried about cleanliness, pool inspector Jason Zeller tells Action News when it comes to their pool water, it's nothing short of sanitary.

"It's something that we take really seriously. You can keep your pools clean enough. So it's really important that you check you pool every day twice or sometimes three times a day," said Zeller.

Inspectors at the Yakima County Public Health district inspect 100 pools ranging from hotels to community pools in the county once a year.

Environmental Health Specialist Alison Towsley says last year a quarter were listed as unsafe and had to close until they met the standards.

She says clean pool water levels are the key reason many pools are marked unsanitary.

"It's almost always pool chemistry. We bring out own testing kits and we go through every item, and they are supposed to be doing those things usually once a day," said Towsley.

Zeller says in his 23 years of working with Yakima Parks and recreation, he's heard a number of horror pool stories, and urges the community to stay away from the pool if you aren't feeling good, and get out of the pool if you need to use the restroom.

"Do everybody a favor, it doesn't matter how great the filtration system is. If somebody has an accident in the pool, the pool is shut down for hours if not the whole day," said Zeller.

Zeller says for people who are new to the pool, make sure to check in with the life guards to make sure you are prepared before going in.

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