A new exhibit allows fair-goers to take a bite out of bugs

A new exhibit allows fair-goers to take a bite out of bugs

YAKIMA, Wash. -- The Central Washington State Fair is back in Yakima.

State Fair Park President Greg Stewart said they are expecting this year to be better than ever.

"It looks very strong and we've got a lot of exhibitors coming back, a lot of new ones coming in," Stewart said. "The word out there is this is a good fair to come to sell your wares, sell your food."

Stewart said all your favorite animals, rides, games and foods will be at the fair. Along with some new attractions such as Bugology which will replace the reptile exhibit in the Pioneer Building.

Bugology Exhibit Coordinator Dakota Holmgren said at this attraction fake and real bugs will be crawling around to help people learn a little bit more about the critters.

"All about education, what we're trying to do here is get people used to bugs around them," Holmgren said. "A lot of people look at them as a bad thing but they are very important for the environment."

He said there will also be a bug bar where people can eat bugs. They can try a scorpion, tarantula, cricket or ants. Holmgren said they can actually be good for you.

"I think it's somewhere around 200 billion people eat bugs every single day," he said. "Believe it or not about 130 countries, we're actually one of the countries that are a little bit behind on it."

The bugs come in flavors such as honey mustard, barbecue, curry and chocolate and Holmgren said they plan to add more flavors throughout the fair.

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