91 Yakima kids get free books with the help of 5th grade teacher

91 Yakima kids get free books with the help of 5th grade teacher

YAKIMA, Wash. -- 5th grade teacher Karly Watson says it would break her heart, when her students would refuse to take home book order forms, knowing they couldn’t afford to buy a single book.

"They're expensive. I think everybody knows that. They range anywhere from $4 to $30 or more, and it's hard when you're buying for more than one child, or even for just your one child, to spend that extra $4 or $5, it adds up," said Watson.

She says she made a plea on Facebook, asking friends and family to each donate $9, which would buy each student a book a month from their Scholastic book order for the school year.

Within hours, she says she had her class of 29 students covered. And within two days, the entire fifth grade - all 91 students.

Watson says when she told her students the good news, they were ecstatic.

"They were so appreciative and the sparkle in their face said it all," she said.

10-year-old Shyanne Espinoza says she’s grateful her teacher and all the donors made this possible, because reading is her favorite thing to do.

"I read everyday, and I just go to my room and I lay on my bed, so my feet are against the wall, and it's really fun for me to read, because when I'm bored, I like to read," she said.

She says its even improved her eye sight.

"I used to go to this program called vision therapy to help me with my vision, and it improved my reading skills and my handwriting," said Espinoza.

10-year-old America Murillo says Ms. Watson did something special, and she can't wait for her first book to be delivered.

"It makes me feel good, because some kids don’t have lots of books to read, and then what Ms. Watson did was really nice of her, cause I think she wanted the opportunity of everybody have a book to read," she said.

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