9 - year - old gives snacks to homeless people every year during Christmas time

Isella Magana gives a homeless person popcorn and cookies.

YAKIMA Wash. -- In this time of giving, a 9 – year – old girl is stepping up by providing snacks to the homeless.

Isella Magana went out to the streets today to handout homemade popcorn and cookies to every homeless person she came across.

She says she likes to help people that are in need because it is heartwarming and it makes her feel good.

“I enjoy it because I like how they smile and stuff,” said Magana.

Magana’s grandmother Jeanette Vargas says Magana has been inspired to care for others since she was a little girl.

Vargas says a couple years ago Magana saw an elderly man sleeping in a mattress outside of a church so Magana decided to give him ten dollars.

Now Magana makes about 40 to 50 snack bags every year near Christmas time to give out to the homeless.

“I’m very proud of her, I’m very proud of her, and I wish more people would be like her with a big heart,” said Vargas.

Magana says she does not want to see homeless people suffer in the streets when there are others that can help.

Several organizations in Yakima have also been giving back to the homeless, especially right now during winter time when many homeless are out in the streets in the cold.

Magana says that although right now she can only make 50 bags of snacks and small donations, she hopes that in the future she can help more people in need, especially during Christmas time.

“It’s Christmas and it’s the day Jesus was born and he didn’t want people to hate on people,” said Magana.

Magana’s grandmother says if there is anything she wants people to take away from this is that if a young girl can give back so can everybody else.

“No matter what situation we’re in we can all still give,” said Vargas.

If you’d also like to give a hand, here are some links to local Homeless organizations:

Yakima Neighborhood Health Services

Triumph Treatment Services

Union Gospel Mission

Camp Hope

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