25 arrested in meth, heroin bust on Oregon Coast

SEASIDE, Ore. - Authorities arrested 20 people during a methamphetamine and heroin investigation in the Seaside area on the Oregon Coast.

A drug task force served search warrants and made the arrests Sunday morning.

Police announced four more arrests early this week on drug charges. A fifth arrest was made with charges pending.

The 6-month investigation, dubbed "Operation: Pandora's Box", led police to three separate residences, including a house along Highway 26 with a compound of six trailers surrounding it. Detectives said the compound was a "significant source" of heroin and meth in Clatsop County.

None of the trailers in the compound had electricity or water service. There were electrical cords running to each of the trailers from a nearby generator. Police said sewage from the compound was directed through pipes into the Necanicum River, which flows alongside the property.

Detectives said they found hundreds of uncapped needles, small amounts of blood, and buckets of urine and feces inside.

Members of the drug task force received several complaints about the three separate homes and some of the suspects over the past six months. Neighbors complained about a house and an apartment in Seaside that they told police received a "high volume of drug traffic."

Detectives said of the 20 people arrested, there were one mother and daughter pair and two pairs of fathers and sons.

Police also seized an unspecified amount of drugs, along with $2,500 in cash.

"As sheriff of this county, I would like to thank all the deputies and officers involved from the numerous agencies who worked diligently to help with this large case," said Clatsop County Sheriff Tom Bergin. "They did an excellent job and I am proud to work with these individuals every day."

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