Carbon fee could amount to $1 billion by 2023 if voters give the OK

Carbon fee could amount to $1 billion by 2023 if voters give the OK

YAKIMA, Wash.- Nearly $1 billion will be funded by a carbon pollution fee by 2023 if voters give the OK in the general election.

The initiative was created by over 250 organizations representing scientists, environmental activists, health professionals, businesses and more.

Supporters say we are already seeing effects from the carbon emissions pollution the air, and the goal is to reverse the cycle and live in a cleaner environment.

“It's causing great harm to peoples health, elderly, and fragile people are horribly effected," said a supporter Robert Strader.

It would put a fee on the state’s largest polluters like oil industries and other large emitters.

A $15 fee per metric ton would be charged to these large fossil fuel corporations, which could end up digging into your pockets. Under the initiative, it says gas prices will likely raise to about 14 cents per gallon if approved.

Which many locals say is a deal breaker.

“Having to pay more for gas? We're taxed higher than almost anybody in the United States so that would sour me on voting for it," said voter Larry Wammock.

While others say the gas is already going up, and will most likely increase regardless of the initiative.

“They're just going to end up charging us more anyway. We need to start actually taking some responsibility for all the emissions," said voter Henry Mason.

Since the initiative is a fee and not a tax, legislation can’t use the money anywhere else. The dollars have to go directly towards the issue.

Seventy percent will go towards clean energy like solar, cleaner transportation and more.

Twenty-five percent towards maintaining our forest and cleaning pollution from the environment, and five percent towards our local communities.

Washington would be the first state to approve a carbon fee though an election if approved.

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