Uma Thurman and Connie Britton campaign against Roy Moore

Meet and greet with the cast of The Parisian Woman held at New 42nd Street Studios. Featuring: Uma Thurman Where: New York, New York, United States When: 18 Oct 2017 Credit: Joseph Marzullo/ **No Contact Music**

Uma Thurman and Connie Britton are among the celebrities urging people not to vote for Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race, after the Republican candidate was accused of sexual misconduct by eight women.

The Kill Bill actress took to her Twitter page to voice her concerns about Moore potentially winning the election following the allegations, five of which came from women who claim they were teenagers when the politician pursued them in his 30s.

Moore, now 71, has denied all allegations of sexual misconduct, and even labelled the accusations a "conspiracy" by liberals and LGBT voters to keep him out of Washington.

"Please ALABAMA women of the state of ALABAMA Just say...... NO MOORE," Uma wrote, alongside a picture of herself with her hands interlinked in prayer. "NO WILL SUFFICE. NO IS ENOUGH .AND CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF LEGAL CONSENT MUST BE NEVER ! NEVER Please don't make the Webster's Dictionary redefine 'illegal'. NO MORE - NO MOORE - NO ROY -- FYI - The name Roy means KING. did't (sic) we kick those b**tards out when we founded this country."

Sharing a close-up of her white knuckles, Uma later wrote: "I'm posting twice to show my white knuckles in prayer to stop an accused pedophile from being elected. This is neither a democrat nor republican issue: this vote decides who we want to endorse as Americans. Some moral boundaries must be uncrossable."

Other stars doing their best to discourage fans from voting for Moore include former Nashville star Connie, who appeared in several videos shared on Twitter in which she backed Moore's Democrat opponent, Doug Jones.

"I'm supporting Doug Jones because he has always stood up for justice, and in the Senate he would fight to bring both sides together to discuss the issues that are important to hardworking families," Connie said in the video. "He would fight for better education. He would fight for lower costs in health care. He would fight for increased minimum wage, and he would fight for women to have equal pay for equal work."

Chat show host Ellen DeGeneres also pleaded with her followers to vote for Jones, tweeting: "Alabamians, tomorrow is a big day. If you believe all people are equal, whether they’re gay, straight, black, white, male or female, I hope you’ll get out tomorrow and vote for Doug Jones. #AlabamaSenateRace."

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