Deep fried dare: How did Australia take over the French -- fries

    YAKIMA, Wash. -- When you go down to the Central Washington State Fair, you actually have a chance to go down under. At least when it comes to trying food that's being served there for the first time. Action News Anchor Jim Niedelman and Dewey Boynton from KXDD give Australian battered potatoes a try.

    "Hi, out here at the fair with Dewey Boynton and Rocky. We're doing our first at the fair. And, you've got to come with your appetite when you come to the fair," Jim Niedelman said.

    "That's right," Dewey Boynton said. "Feed the beast."

    "What do we have here today Rocky?" Jim asked.

    "We have Australian battered potatoes," Rocky said.

    "What are those?" Jim asked.

    "Well, we take a potato and we slice it lengthwise. It's about a quarter-inch thick and then we put a light tempura batter on them. Then you can either get them with ranch sauce or cheese sauce," Rocky said.

    "Ranch sauce or cheese sauce," Jim said. "Dewey, how do they look to you?"

    "I'm more interested in how they taste," Dewey said. "They look like a big slice of potato. And, that's ranch sauce Rocky?"

    "Yes," Rocky said.

    "Ranch sauce," Jim said.

    "Can we try them right now?" Dewey asked.

    "They're fresh out of the oven. They're hot, hot, hot," Jim said.

    "They're pretty hot," Rocky said.

    "We got to try it," Jim said.

    "What makes them Australian?" Dewey asked.

    "Well, there's a lady down at the Del Mar Fair. She's from Australia. She's been doing it for about 20 years. She comes over here and does Australian battered potatoes and then she goes back home when it's winter time here, summer time there and she does corn dogs," Rocky said.

    "Wow. So good I had to take a second bite," Jim said.

    "Good day mate. It tastes good," Dewey said.

    "Tempura battered. You got to try it. First at the fair. Keep your appetite," Jim said.

    "Very tasty," Dewey said. "We're liking it. Rocky, are you eating much of this yourself?"

    "I've been eating a lot of them actually," Rocky said.

    "Rocky, by the way, came up with the deep fried Twinkie. And, he's still standing so come on out and try it.," Dewey said.

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