Beyond the Podium: Christine Brown

    Midterm elections are right around the corner and Action News is featuring some of the candidates in a segment, Beyond the Podium.

    We get to know democratic candidate Christine Brown, who is running for congress against representative Dan Newhouse.

    The exclusive interview can be read below.

    Christine Brown: The theme of my campaign is big table. What that means is providing a seat at the table for all different groups of people. Many people don’t feel like they have a seat at the table, that many of the decisions are being made by the people who are rich and run corporations that’s why I I believe that I can be a better voice for those folks.

    Action News: What experience do you have that would make you a good congresswoman?

    Christine Brown: The experience I have is 30 years of television broadcasting so essentially I’ve been telling the stories of people that live in this region for the past 30 years.

    Action News: Let’s talk about tariffs, what is your stance on Trump’s imposed tariffs and how do you think they may be impacting farmers here?

    Christine Brown: Well what we hear from farmers and people better in the shipping business and the business of exporting they tell us that they’ve already had tremendous negative effect. It’s already affected cherries and apples... we know that. Not only is it the current markets but folks who are accepting our agricultural products right now they’ll look for alternative suppliers. We’re all going to be impacted just imagine 30% of the product that is grown is exported and those markets are potentially upside down right now.

    Action News: Do you think Immigration is broken and how do we fix this?

    Christine Brown: I really think that we need to focus our immigration attention on and what immigration means to our neighborhood.

    There is a severe shortage of workers in our region right now... growers, farmers talk about it and it is their number one issue and it’s only gotten worse over the past five years.

    My proposal is that we create a process right now of documentation for the people who are here, Who are actually undocumented but working, And contributing and paying taxes. Secondarily I think we need to implement DACA immediately should’ve been done six months ago . Lastly the third item that’s really important to us here is a foreign worker program, H2A. People in other countries could get this blue card, a visa in agriculture, it’s three years long, It could be re-upped in three years. We need a person that will loudly aggressively talk about why immigration and a path to citizenship is so valuable to our country and we don’t have that right now.”

    Action News: Let’s talk about women and workplace equity.

    Christine Brown: I want women to come out in droves, quite frankly. in this current election because I believe that women are deciders the time for women to come forward and demand what is rightfully theirs is now.

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