Teen's family seeking help in identifying hit and run driver

Teen's family seeking help in identifying hit and run driver

YAKIMA, Wash. - A local teen was the victim of a hit and run Monday afternoon.

"Someone pulled out of IKE really fast, took a left and hit me and it knocked me out," Nathaniel Campbell said. "My friend pulled me into the grass and that's when I woke up."

Nathaniel Campbell is a 16-year-old student at Eisenhower High School. He said he and his friend crossed Tieton Drive to get to the bus stop when an SUV came out of nowhere, hit him and the driver did not stop.

"I saw it for half a second then it was gone," Nathaniel said. "What I saw was like a black SUV but I got knocked out and all I got was a face full of windshield so I couldn't really tell."

Nathaniel's mother Tiffany Curry said when she got the call her son was hit by a car, she was in shock and worried about his injuries.

"I was really scared," Curry said. "I was wondering if he had any head damage or anything cause of how bad it was on the side of his face and I took him immediately to the emergency room to get him scanned and checked."

She said doctors told her he has a concussion but no brain injuries and no broken bones, just some road rash.

She filed a police report and made a post on Facebook asking the community for help and is hoping someone saw something or will be able to recognize the car.

"Anybody who would have been at IKE in a black SUV," she said. "By the way it hit him, the driver side mirror should be damaged."

Curry said she hopes the driver will come forward, admit what they did and apologize to her son.

Eisenhower High School has security cameras in their parking lot and police told the family they would review the video to try and identify the SUV.

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