Police investigating homicide in the West Valley

Police investigating homicide in the West Valley.

YAKIMA, Wash.- Police are investigating the 10th homicide of the year in Yakima after finding a man's body in West Valley earlier today.

The 59-year-old man was found dead outside his house at the intersection of Zier Road and 72nd Ave after police found a burnt car in Wapato that was registered to the man's neighbor.

Mike Bastinelli, Yakima Police Department, said the neighbor sold the car to him and that led police to investigate the home.

"We searched the home and discovered a crime scene and shortly thereafter we discovered the body of an adult male that was a victim of a homicide," he said.

Police said they have reason to believe this was not a random attack and are waiting to get warrants to search the area.

The Yakima County corner has an autopsy scheduled for Monday.

If you have any information place contact Yakima Police or Crimestoppers.

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