Jose Linares restrained by four bailiffs as sentencing is postponed


    YAKIMA, Wash.- The sentencing of Jose Linares has been pushed back after his defense attorney no longer wants to be part of the trial.

    Linares had to be gagged and was held down by four bailiffs as he was trying to fight them off during his court appearance today.

    His defense attorney could withdraw from the case for safety reasons and his next court appearance will be July 5.

    Linares was scheduled to be sentenced last week for attacking corrections officers but that had been delayed because police say he attacked his own defense attorney during the sentence hearing.

    UPDATE: Yakima County sheriff's office is investigating a complaint filed on June 20 by the attorney, David Therrien-Power.

    The complaint seeks to add third degree assault to Linares' charges.

    Therrien-Power stated Linares rapidly approached and kicked him during a June 9 court appearance. The attorney said he had some redness in his leg from the attack but no other injuries.

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