Eric Romero pleads guilty to first degree murder

Eric Romero smiling at members of his friends and family before he was sentenced. Romero was sentenced to almost 87 years in jail after a guilty plea deal.

YAKIMA, Wash. - A man accused of killing a Yakima county jail inmate is headed to prison after admitting his guilt.

Eric Romero pled guilty to first-degree murder today and was sentenced to almost 87 years in prison.

According to court documents, in May of 2016, Romero and Hilario Sosa rushed into timothy Denton’s jail cell after a routine check of the cell and stabbed him to death.

Denton was stabbed over a hundred times and officials say that he was dead before the stabbing ended.

Romero then took Denton’s blood and wrote his gangs symbol in the cell.

Once he came out of the cell Romero put up his bloodied hands to show the other inmates what he had done.

Denton's family got the chance to speak before Romero was sentenced. Jessie Jasmine Bojorquez, Denton’s partner, was the first one to speak.

"My son will be five tomorrow and he will not get to see his dad,” she said. “That's his best friend.”

Romero was seen smiling and laughing to friends and family members during the hearing.

He is also facing three first degree assault charges for shooting at police officers and a couple of unlawful possession of a firearm from a drive by shooting in 2015.

Both families had to be escorted out of the courthouse at different times because members of each family started to argue with each other.

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