Pokémon Go: The new distracted driving app

Pokemon Go screen captures (Captured by Jill Ciminillo)

I feel silly having to say this in my out-loud voice. But, seriously: Don't Pokémon Go and drive.

If you haven't downloaded the app or heard of the newest augmented-reality craze, let me enlighten you. The app allows you to look for and capture cute Poke-creatures that could be sitting on your bed, following you down the street or, in at least one instance, sitting next to your wife while she's giving birth.

If you see Zombie-like people walking down the street, holding their arms straight out in front of them and waving their phones like a searchlight, chances are they're playing Pokémon Go.

People are getting so wrapped up in the app that employers have issued notices to employees to put their cell phones away.

There are reports of people walking into walls, getting robbed and falling into ditches - all while playing the game.

But, there's something even scarier afoot. People who are obsessed with the game are playing Pokémon Go while driving. How do I know this? They're also Tweeting about it.

People, there are distracted driving laws in place for a reason. In fact, there are just two states in the Union - Montana and Arizona - that do not ban texting and driving.

Distracted driving kills. According to Distraction.Gov, in 2014 alone, 3,179 people were killed and 431,000 people were injured in vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers.

So, catching a Rattata or an Abra can wait. Put your phone down while driving.

Now excuse me while I go catch the Pidgey, who's sitting on my computer and mocking me while I write this story.


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