Wenas Mammoth site opens for very first free, open house

Wenas Mammoth site opens for very first free, open house (Photo: Wenas Mammoth Foundation website)

SELAH, Wash. - For the first time in it's nearly four-year history as an attraction in the Yakima Valley, the Wenas Mammoth Foundation is holding an open house event.

The non-profit is calling the open house Day at the Dig, and people are welcome to come to the site, free-of-charge from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday.

Visitors will learn about the mammoth dig site and learn about the archaeology, paleontology, and geology performed at the site by the Central Washington University (CWU) Zooarchaeology Lab and Nick Zenter, Geology Professor at CWU.

The open house will also give people the opportunity to hear presentations and information from the Yakima Area Arboretum, Yakima Valley Audubon Society, Kittitas Environmental Education Network, and the Cowiche Canyon Conservancy.

There will also be activities for children and adults.

The mammoth site was discovered in 2005 while crews were working to build a road north of Selah in the Wenas Valley. The remains, which were very well preserved according to the foundation's website, were from the Missoula Flood deposits.

The foundations says it's common to find bits of mammoth remains in the Columbia Plateau, but these were found so well intact.

After excavating the site the foundation's website says a local group of educational leaders and other supporters decided to form the Wenas Mammoth Foundation in 2012 where they would offer scientific research and education opportunities to K-12 students and college students.

The site is located at 1770 S. Wenas Road in Selah.

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