58-year-old Washington woman travels from Washington to Montana on horseback

58-year-old Washington woman travels from Washington to Montana on horseback

NILE, Wash. - At 58-years-young, a Washington woman is making a childhood dream a reality and teaching us all it's never too late to follow your heart.

Janice Curtis said she always wanted to ride horseback from Washington to Montana, a dream her father and her shared. Two weeks before he passed away Janice was convicted by his words.

"He said, "if you get the chance, don't go to your grave regretting it like me,” said Curtis reminiscing about her father’s encouraging words with her just a couple weeks before he passed away.

Years later, after being unemployed for over a year and living with no heat or electricity, Janice figured it must be a sign to finally take her trip. Beginning in Oakville, Washington and ending in Eureka, Montana. Janice will travel a total 1,150 miles with plans to return sometime early next summer. While Janice's story is unique, not everyone is for her journey.

“I've actually had people tell me this is not realistic, you're insane, you're not, you're nuts," Janice said.

Still, Janice says the good outweighs the bad. Her following on Facebook, friendly encounters, and donations to her account have kept her spirits high and her heart full. Janice says she was always an outcast growing up, now, people from all over are showing interest.

While Janice is out on the trail she's not alone. Knickers and Koko, her two horse, are along with her the entire way. Her third travel companion is her loyal service dog that she trained herself since he was just five-weeks-old.

Janice says she has learned a lot about herself already on this trip, the biggest thing, just how strong she really is and she challenges everyone else to do the same.

"If you've got something you want to do in life, don't put it off till you're 58-years-old like me if you get a chance do it it,” said Janice.

If you would like to follow along with Janice on her trip you can find her on Facebook.

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