Seahawks add veteran depth to training camp roster

SEATTLE -- Eric Winston spent the last eight years in the National Football League, but this season was different than others. That's because Winston was out of a job up until today.

After spending last season with the Arizona Cardinals, Winston was a free agent. He was just sitting at home in Texas, waiting for the right opportunity.

That's when the Seahawks called.

What do you do when the defending Super Bowl champions want you in training camp? You jump at the opportunity to join them, just like Winston did.

The hulking offensive lineman (he's 6'7" 302 lbs.) was officially signed by the Seahawks on Tuesday, and now he finds himself directly in the competition at right tackle.

"Putting on a helmet this morning, it was like, this is really happening," Winston told me. "Once you've done it for as long as I have, it's kind of old hat. Obviously, the tempo here is a little bit quicker than what you can replicate in a training session by yourself, but you get used to it. Practice is practice. Putting on the pads, it never really leaves you."

Terrell Thomas isn't new to the NFL, either.

He's a played in the league since 2008, but he's spent every single season as a cornerback with the New York Giants.

Thomas, like Winston, was signed by the Seahawks on Tuesday. That means a new team, a new city, and new, well, new everything.

"It's fun, man. I'm a rookie all over again," Thomas said to me. "It's challenging getting to meetings and even getting into the facility. I had to wait on the bus instead of driving, so it's all new to me. It's a fresh start."

The Seahawks didn't stop there with their transactions on Tuesday. Seattle also signed wide receiver Randall Carroll.

To make room on the roster, the Seahawks placed cornerback Chandler Fenner on the reserve/injured list and waived offensive lineman Bronson Irwin.