Forbes: Seahawks fans '9th best' in NFL

SEATTLE -- The 12s are No. 9?

So says a report by Forbes Magazine, which fresh off its ranking of most valuable NFL franchises (Seattle was No. 15 at $1.33 billion) has come out with their list of the NFL's top 10 best fan bases.

The criteria weren't crowd sound (obviously) but instead based on five factors: hometown crowd reach (which Forbes said used Neilsen Scarborough data as a percentage of the team's metropolitan area that watched, attended and/or listened to a game last year), three years of Nielsen ratings, three years of stadium attendance, three years of team merchandise sales at and social media reach via Facebook and Twitter.

Their top team? The Green Bay Packers, which topped all Forbes' charts except TV rankings and merchandise sales. Denver, New Orleans, New England and Baltimore round out their Top 5.

Forbes says Seattle came in at No. 9, ranking 12th in Hometown crowd reach, 4th in TV audience, tops in stadium attendance, 10th in social media rank (so, go Like and follow the Seahawks pages!) and 5th in merchandise.

Again -- these are three-year averages and anyone who is anywhere near Seattle can attest the city practically shut down on game nights the last season and a half so it's likely those numbers have gone way up in the last two years. So we'll see where we rank if Forbes does this again.

Oh, and the San Francisco 49ers? Didn't make their list.