Riverside Christian Grad Winning at Renegade


YAKIMA, Wa - In the class room Ryan Widhalm is a total winner.

But, when that race light goes green, he's the King of the Strip.

Widhalm off and roaring as he revs it up for another victory at Renegade Raceway.

The Riverside Christian grad just turned 19 and won last season's high school division championship.

"I have been out at the track basically since I was born," Widhalm said. "I started racing when I was eight in a junior dragster and I've raced various cars since I was sixteen."

An academic standout and star on Riverside's baseball team as well, Ryan is just the latest in three generations of his family to race to success at Renegade.

"A very smart young man, 3.9 grade average, his sister was a valedictorian and a former champion (and) now she's a rocket engineer; so we've got some smart kids out at Renegade," Renegade Raceway general manager Derek Snelson said.

Ryan will attend Grand Canyon University in Phoenix this fall and while he hits the books hard during the school year, he'll be back hitting the gas pedal hard next summer.

"I've been doing it all my life and I really enjoy drag racing, everything, just the atmosphere, I really like," Widhalm said.

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