Local School Choir to Perform National Anthem at Safeco


TERRACE HEIGHTS, Wa - The angelic voices of the Terrace Heights Elementary choir; the 4th graders will be center stage at Safeco Field Saturday evening before the Seattle Mariners take on the L.A. Angels.

"We are going to perform the National Anthem at the Seattle Mariners home game, whooh," Doug Carey said.

Back in November, the choir was in the midst of preparing for its winter school program when the Mariners randomly called Terrace Heights and asked if the kids would like to try out to sing the Star Spangled Banner at a home game. Their answer was yes and quickly put together an audition recording.

"Low and behold somehow we were selected; so there you go," Carey said. "Now we've auditioned we have to do it now right guys? Yeah!"

The Terrace Heights kids are going to do a wonderful job. The choir's been practicing four days a week to get ready and they sound great.

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