First Tee Program Continues to Teach Kids


YAKIMA, Wa - The inspiring First Tee Golf Program continues to reach out to all kids no matter where.

Local First Tee Kids are having fun learning the great game of golf, but not at a country club or big course, they're learning the game at the sometimes overlooked Southeast Community Center.

Along with golf, they're learning the core values this great game can teach kids.

First Tee is all about making golf accessible to everybody.

Transportation can be an issue with some families, so the local First Tee brings the game to them and for advanced players,buses pick the kids up at the Community Center and drive them to a golf course where they can improve even more with real golf equipment; it's been a huge success at the Community Center for years.

"Some of them go on and join the summer programs out at Sun Tides or Fisher or wherever," Christina McCarthy said. "Just making sure everybody has a chance to give it a try."

For more information on the First Tee of Yakima please contact the First Tee at (509) 949-6349, via e-mail at, or log-on to their website at

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