Zillah rocks the Valley B-Ball World!

Our Valley teams made us so proud at the State Tournaments.

Sunnyside, Ellensburg, Granger, Mabton all great efforts by the Girls.

And, oh ya, those guys.

The return of the champs this morning to the school that loves them. The Leopards bringing home the big 1A title Ball to Zillah......big salute to the entire community that backed this special team all way through its perfect season run to win the crown.

Johnny Mengarelli I'd like to thank all you guys for coming out. Awesome. Doug I'm getting a bigger ring than you.

Brady Widner " You have no idea how much it special it really was to see a sea of orange there. Especially when you're playing. Truly incredible. This trophy is just as much your guys as it is our. So thanks so much."

There was just one thing missing at the Sun Dome Saturday night. The Zillah crowd couldn't rush the floor to today.....yup....never too late to show the state champs some love.