Yakima loses a pro sports event this year, maybe forever!

The fire that destroyed the Yakima Tennis Club has cost the Valley another major event.
A devasting month of may blaze leveled the building that was once the proud YTC with history.....full of trophies, and historical pictures....destroyed....only memories remain. The blaze, its cause yet to be determined forced the state high school tennis championships to be moved to west valley high. And, now this month's women's pro tourney here has been cancelled. Although the Yakima tennis club does have indoor facilities on fruitvale, it is not equipped to handle or is it up to united states tennis association standards for a professional event. A big loss for our community. After two years, the 50 thousand dollar regional hospital qualifyer had really gained momentum. Attendance had steadily increased as the excitement of watching up and coming pro players grew in Yakima. That mo has gone down in flames. And, although the usta has told the yakima tennis club it will bring the pro tourney back next year. That's going to be a tough start all over again sale. The man solely responsible for the pros even considering yakima in the first place, steven welt is suddenly no longer with the club. Welt's connections had been critical in maintaining local credibility to hold such a prestigous event. The pro tennis qualifyer is out for this july. No certainty it will ever happen here again.