Yak Attack solid on the diamond

Yak attack looking solid this spring.

Great early season test against the best.

YVCC hosting 6 - 0 Clackamus on a day when the wind was blowing the ball all over the place.

Saving catch by Emily Reeves. Sac fly tying run comes home for the Cougars in the 3rd.

Bottom 3, Yakima plates a pair. Josee Saldua slaps it past 2nd, around and in Kylie Harper.

Looking for insurance, Kayla Weishear, right back up the middle. But, the ball's gonna beat Josee back to the plate by a mile.

But, outstanding effort on the mound by Kayla Reynolds, game ball to the entire defense.
Yaks come from behind to beat the Cougars to improve to 3 - 0.