Wine Country Crushers bringing roller derby fever to the SunDome

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Gettting in there, mixing it up with the big girls - and a lot of them a lot younger: Aces Cracked. That's her derby name. Spending her birthday at the Yakima SunDome with her Wine Country Crushers, battling the Inland Empower.

Aces Cracked "I hadn't done this when I was 22. Actually I'm in better shape than when I was 22. So..."

Aces Cracked "Is it a good workout? It absolutely is. It is grueling. We are out there for three hours, three days a week."

From 20-somethings to some in their 40's, Yakima's roller derby girls giving it their all. The Wine Country Crushers skating through their second exciting season.

Cassie Gordon "We just keep growing. We're talking about adding a juniors team. We're doing better and better every game."

Still growing in popularity, the Crushers have their own website. And, you're welcome to come on board as a fan or as a skater.

Loving their Wine Country Crushers at the Dome. These fast-rolling, body-banging women leaving it all out on the track, before leaving the fast lane and going back home to their families.

Aces Cracked: "I have a daughter and she's 13. She comes out. She's out in the audience today watching me. Having a good time and cheering me on. What does she think? She loves that her mom is a derby mom. Happy birthday, thank you."