West Valley Continues to Dominate Volleyball and Soccer


YAKIMA, Wa - Like no other in the Yakima Valley this fall one school has totally dominated the court.

The nationally ranked West Valley Rams are closing in on thirty wins this season without a loss.

West Valley has already wrapped up the Big Nine regular season championship and home court advantage in the district tournament; the Rams boast a conference record of 11-0.

But the Rams volleyball are not the only team at West Valley dominating the Big Nine.

Also with a league record of 11-0, the Rams soccer team has dominated the pitch this fall and they too are closing in on a championship.

West Valley finishes the regular season tonight against Davis.

The Rams will then host the district championship on Tuesday, November 1 against Wenatchee.

With the volleyball and soccer teams expected to go deep into the state playoffs, this year's run for the Rams is far from over.

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