Website for more in depth local sports coverage

I love covering local sports.

But, the last time I checked I'm still only one guy.

And, that limits how many events I can get to and report on.

This will certainly help.

Yakima dash to the rescue. A brand new local website. An exciting concept promoting awareness of non-mainstream sports.....everything you need to know about what's happening in the local tennis world. how about pickleball events in the valley. even tailgating. Currently on yakima dash up close and personal with yakima bowling sensation marshall kent. I've covered Marshall's assention into the bowling elite world through the years....but, in one and a half minute tv time stories. Not really giving Marshall or his achievements the indepth attention they deserve.

Cindy MacNider "We've got the number one amateur bowler right here in Yakima in the entire country. And, there wasn't a whole lot of recognition about that. I think that there should be."

And, will be thanks to website creator Cindy MacNider. a well known local golf pro launching yakima dash and opening new avenues for local sports and fitness enthusiasts to explore. From where to buy athletic equipment....getting the best deal on a round of discout coupons at local businesses. Filling a needed niche for those of us who take sports and games seriously and have fun doing it.

Cindy MacNider "The newspaper and you certainly cover sports well. but, its kind of a one shot hit it. What I'm hoping for is to get some engagement about that activiiy going on. So, we can talk about it for a while. Then people can kind of follow the Marshall."

yakima dash sports com com would like you to like them on facebook as well at yakima.sportshub.