Wave the 12th Man proudly in Eburg.

Nothing flies higher in Ellensburg than Seahawks Blue.

Hoist the colors. The 12th man flag now waving proudly attop beautiful Barge hall on the Campus of Central Washington University. The quest of a couple of cool campus employees raising the hawks banner in response to the president of the University's....oh my gosh.....49ers banner adorning his office........

Joe Allemand & Loran Allen "We're Seahawks fans. And, there are a lot of students from the west side that are Seahawks fans. Want to support our team."

Rise and Shine preschoolers in Ellensburg thinking today's 12th man flag party was pretty awesome.

Rise and Shine kids "Go Seahawks"

Love the spirit. But, there's no way you'd ever get me to climb a latter up to that tiny little platform.....the highest point in Rodeo City.