Union Gap winning teamwork!

It takes team work to win.

When it means a win for the kids, the hard working grownups who make it happen get a big shout out on this show.

YVCC women's hoop coach Greg Oldham calls out the command,....and the kids do what he says. Along with Yaks men's boss, Ray Funk....Yakima Valley putting on its third roundball clinic for youngsters at the Union Gap school. Part of the cool non profit Union Gap Youth Foundation activities. Money raised through gate activities, sponsors. Big thanks to the Yakima nation for donating the shirts and balls. A lot of these kids wouldn't otherwise have the means or opportunity to take part in such a program.

Dan Olson "Great success, kids actually able to do better in school. Parents have a little better handle on them because if they don't do their homework they don't get to practice."

It's been a great tradeoff program between the Union Gap Youth Foundation and the great folks at YVCC....a couple of 250 dollar thank you checks to Yaks men and women's athletics.

Kids "We're getting endurance. What are you learning? How to dribble. What are you guys learning? How to shoot three pointers, how to shoot. Everybody having fun? Ya. Let's hear it. Everybody having fun? Ya."