Sports Orchestrated Big Hit for Yakima Symphony Orchestra


YAKIMA, Wa - Alan's father had a long television career in Seattle, but before that he was a professional musician and he's proud that his oldest son finally "performed" with the Yakima Symphony Orchestra.

Alan narrated the classic Casey at the Bat at this past weekend's dress rehearsal with the Yakima Symphony Orchestra.

After the rehearsal these incredible musicians would dress up in their tuxedos and formal wear looking spectacular later that evening for the symphony's latest pops concert entitled Sports Orchestrated.

The symphony performed many favorite sports anthems including the theme from Chariots of Fire, the Olympic Anthem, William Tell Overture and even Heavy Action, better known as the theme from Monday Night Football.

Symphony development director Betsy McCann came up with the unique idea for a sports program and conductor Lawrence Golan took the ball and ran with it.

"I thought about all the various pieces I know that had some sports connections then did some research to find some I didn't even know (and) put it all together," Golan said.

Golan, a concert violinist himself, played his share of sports as a youngster, he played baseball, football and even hockey.

"My dad was my idol, my dad was a great violinist, a great musician and a great baseball player," Golan said. "He was actually choosing between baseball and music (and) wound up going into music. So, I was just trying to be like him; unfortunately, I couldn't play baseball like him, but I certainly tried."

If he wasn't a virtuoso on the diamond, Golan has certainly hit a home run at the Captiol Theatre with concert popularity at new out of the park levels.

"My goal when coming here was to make the Yakima Symphony Orchestra the hottest ticket in town," Golan said. "We're getting there, starting to sell out the concerts. People are getting turned away, so if you want to get tickets you have to buy them in advance."

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