Splish, splash, rehab fun

YAKIMA, Wash. - When a pool party gets serious. Splish splash, girls will be girls - exercise and fitness is so much more fun when it's fun. But in this pool, a serious purpose.

Paddling trail blazers at Cascade Summit Physical Therapy in Yakima. The first to sport experimental buoyant suits and newly designed shoes equipped with flukes, catching the water and propelling the legs - reducing resistance.

"They're more effective when they run in the deep water. It allows a seasure of safety to do more activities they couldn't do before," Chuck Martin said.

Before jumping feet first into this first of its kind zero gravitiy fitness program, these four ladies were rehabbing for hip, back or knee injuries with a further need to regain strength and balance.

"I think it has great possibilities. See how it can help me work harder. That's been my goal. To work as hard as I can and build as much as I can," said Joyce Swart.

Cascade Summit Physical Therapy with a game plan to work with local teams and athletes in our area to develop specialized zero gravity programs for them. For example for runners, with each mile they pound the pavement the risk of injury increases.

"This gives them an opportunity to come in here and get a good workout. Allow their joints to rest and relax. So, even recovery from injury are from injury prevention," Martin said.