Sort for the Cause Doing Great Things


YAKIMA, Wa - When local sporting events raise money and awareness for life changing projects it's a win-win for everybody involved.

"The seventh annual Sort for the Cause is proud to present to Children's Wishes and Dreams, Wellness House and Heartlinks Hospice and Care: $24,000 each," 104.1 KXDD's Charlie Brooks said.

"This just means so much, this event has helped us grant 30-40 wishes in the course of time and I just can't tell you how heart warming it is to have somebody that comes up and does this to help our wish children," Children's Wishes and Dreams representative Heidi Anderson said.

"We have over 9,000 people with checks like this," Wellness House representative Margaret Filkins said. "A grass roots project keeps the money in the valley (and) helps to take care of your neighbors and your friends, this is amazing."

"We're so appreciative that we can get support from the local community, we're so happy," Heartlinks representative Shelby Wheeler said.

Nearly $300,000 has been raised in seven years from this sorting extravaganza, sort of a really cool sport.

And when it comes to sorting they're getting after it at Speck's Arena. Nestled in some of the prettiest country between Yakima and the Tri-Cities. The sorting competition, it sort of works like this.

"Ten head of cattle, two riders, less than sixty seconds, from one pen to the other," Sue Branch said.

Branch is a long time veteran of the sorting wars and a cancer survivor, there are a lot of them here at Specks.

There are professional competitors too and they're competing for cash. It's a serious business for a great cause as they move the cattle from one side to the other. But, they have to go in order of number, so one on the team acts like a hockey goal keeper, keeping bad numbers out, letting good ones get by to score.

How big a deal is the annual Sort for the Cause at Specks? More than 700 teams from throughout the Northwest here in 2016 and there are 800 teams this year. Cancer survivors, pros, amateurs and a supportive community with folks just coming to check out all the excitement.

"(I'm) here today to watch, keep everybody going, yeah it's great, lot of work, It's well worth it," Branch said.

"This is very important to me, I'm a two time cancer survivor and Sort for the Cause was started by cancer survivors and people who have lost people from cancer(and) we wanted to give back to the community," Sort for the Causes director Pam Bright said.

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