Shaky start for the Yakima Mavs? They're ready to bounce back

Back to the drawing board for the Yakima Mavericks?

Nope, for the confident Mavs, it's full speed ahead.

Steve Davis' Mavs cruised through the spring season last year. The Mavs bruised by Bellingham in the season opener this weekend at Marquette Stadium, covered only by KIMA. The Bulldogs, who knocked Yakima out of the playoffs in 2013, pulled away Saturday night for the win. This was only the first time for the entire Mavericks team to be together. Yakima's offense sputtered. But, there were signs of optimism for the future.

Jesse " We learned what we are capable of doing. We had a transition to a different defense tonight and it worked out for us. But, moving forward we'll be a little more aware of who we have on the field and what we can do. I think we have some good things going forward."

Steve Davis "I feel for Grays Harbor because I believe in you guys. We've got some veterans on this team we're going to rely on. The new guys put in the mold a little bit. And, go after it. Don't get down because of this game."

Team "One, two, three Mavericks. That's an echo. Way to play though tonight."