Senior Delight on the local Diamonds!

Always interesting when a player comes back after a layoff.

Especially if it's been a year or two.....or twenty or thirty.

hit that's getting a piece of it. Come on , run it out. Veterans banking on experience. From the last century. Like a growing number of communities throughout Wasington, including the Tri-Cities, Selah now has a Senior Softball League.

Linda Stillwaugh "So, I decided I would try it. Are you ready for this? Well, I don't know. It's awfully warm."

Linda Stillwaugh played rec league softball years ago. Most of these young men and women did. And, now getting back up off the couch and joining in the fun. About 50 so far at the 55 and over party. Six teams with names like Touch of Grey, and the Recyclers. Three teams rotate in and out each game. Obviously the exercise is great. Giving these young at heart old schoolers a chance at trying out some new things....and maybe trying out a new body part or two.

Preston Brown "We've got a lot of folks out here playing who have artificial hips, artificial knees. Practically everybody has some sort of injury or ailment of some kind. Everybody has a story right? That's for sure."

Sharon French "I had hip surgery a year ago in January. Replacement. Ok, so you're ready to run now. Uh, slowly, ha, ha."