Seahawk star gets a lift in Yakima

Sidney Rice, cut by the Seahawks, has been cleared to play, and may re-sign with the Seahawks.

The star receiver missed half the season and the playoffs with an injured knee.

Making too much money for the Hawks to handle, he was released after the Super Bowl.

But, reports are Rice is healthy now and ready to ink a new deal for less cash.

Big Seahawks shout out for Super Bowl Champ Earl Thomas, The Hawks star safety at the downtown Orion Theater in Yakima to meet with fans....

Photog "Ready, 1,2,3. I'm going to take two. Ready."

And pose for pics. Earl's legion of fans loving their legion of boom star.

Earl Thomas only stands five nine. But, he's the best in the business at his position. A must re-sign guy for the Hawks as they face looming contract extensions. To nail down Thomas in Seahawks blue for the next six years may set back seattle sixty million. And, how do Hawks fans feel about that? Pay the man.

Dana Andrews & Lori Niles Did you guys enjoy the meet and greet? It was amazing. It was awesome. Great guy. Loves his fans. Are you a little bit Seahawks fans? I'm a lot Seahawks fan. Only Seahawk fan."

Fans Pat, "Let's lift him up. 1,2,3.. Here we go. Holy cow. Oh, my joints."